Channel of Divine Truth®

I was walking around this earth minding my own business when the Angelic Realm showed up and said, "Hey, sugarbooger! We want you to speak for us!"  After blowing them off for six years, I finally gave in to their relentless pursuit.  I surrendered to my life purpose, walked away from my marketing career, and pursued a career in Universal Truth. ✨🌎✨ 

As time went on, they became more demanding.  They had opinions about everything - my diet, my lifestyle, my clothes, etc. They literally took over my entire life.  Little did I realize that speaking for them would entail channeling the Divine Himself!!! What can I say?  Speaking for Him isn't easy, since He's very particular about the way He's represented,but here's hoping He's satisfied with our brand.😊

And yes, they asked me to call myself "The Absolute."® I know, I know...harharhar!!!! When I was done laughing, I realized they weren't kidding. They said, "It's what you are. You are a Channel of Divine Truth.® That is what you are to call yourself." My real name is Christine Pavlina in case anyone was wondering. Welcome to my magic carpet ride!!!! 🎢

Me working on my website