Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, no. I feel like my gift to humanity is my YouTube videos, so please enjoy those free of charge.

If money is tight, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the psychics on Reddit. There are a list of people in the sidebar of the psychic subreddit who would be happy to provide you with a free reading.

That’s not a problem at all! A reschedule/cancel link will be included in your reading confirmation email at the time of booking. Click on that and you will be prompted through the steps.
Your Spirit Guides will want to talk about your life purpose. They will be the most concerned with whether or not you are shining your light. They will also want to talk about your love life if that is an area of concern.
Just be relaxed and open. Please make sure you’re sitting in a place where you have privacy and won’t be disturbed. Your reading will be very personal. 💖
No, my readings are very personal and I want you to feel comfortable discussing anything and everything without concern or embarrassment.
I respectfully request that you do not record your reading.

A lot of people worry that they might forget something that comes up, but this is rarely a problem. It’s actually better for you to take notes because it’s much faster to review them than listen to a recording.

Another issue I’ve had is people recording their reading with the intent to play it for someone else. What if their Spirit Guides bring up their low self-esteem? They will be reticent to talk about it because they don’t want that person to know about it. People also act differently when they know they’re being recorded and it’s important for you to have an open and honest discussion with your Guides.