Thank you for considering a session with me!!! 🙂

Why should you care about being aligned with Truth? Because that is where your personal power lies!!! Universal energies will rise up to support you in your Truths via the Law of Attraction. Who is your soulmate? You have universal support in meeting them! What is your life purpose? You have universal support in pursuing your dreams!!! Nothing is going to happen without the support of the Universe, so Truth is the key to success. The Truth is the Light, so aligning yourself with it will make you unstoppable!!!! 👊🏼

The dark is all-knowing and extremely strategic. It works hard to align you with falsities in order to pull you off of your path. Being aware of this force in your life will help your rebellious spirit take over so that you can take back the power and remain true to your purpose.

Before I call you at the phone number you provide, I spend approximately 15 minutes doing a "pre-tune" where I focus on a recent photo of you, tune into your Spirit Guides, and ask, "What would you most like them to know?" Therefore, I will already have information for you before we begin our call. If you are located outside the US, that is not a problem. I read for people all over the world! I have global calling on my phone and my online calendar accounts for the time change.

How long would you like to talk? Please pick the reading option that best suits your needs. I look forward to speaking with you! ✨🌎✨

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