Reiki Energy Healing

With Christine Pavlina, Reiki Practitioner

During my intuitive counseling sessions, I am channeling Divine Guidance for you, so the information is coming from the Divine… through me… to you. It’s the same dynamic with my healing sessions.

Reiki is a form of energy healing where the love and light energy comes from the Divine through the top of my head (crown chakra), travels down through my heart chakra, through my arms and out through the energy centers in my hands.

This can be performed either in person or from a distance. It is just as effective either way, which is why I’m able to offer it as a service on my website no matter where you are located. I focus on a recent photo of you, use the power of my mind via the Law of Attraction, and tune into the Divine Healing Energy to act as a channel and cast it at your ailments - emotional, mental, or physical.

Please let me know what areas you would like me to focus on and I will send you an email to let you know when I have completed your healing session. I will also pray for you and ask the Divine to repeat the healing energy for as long as is needed.

Please note: Individual results may vary.

Bookings Currently Closed

I'm in the process of moving right now, and I can't take any bookings at the moment. Hopefully things will be back to normal in a couple of weeks.

I'm really sorry to inconvenience people but it is important to me that I only work when I can give it my full attention.

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